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Windows Defender Configuration


Windows Defender is a component of the Microsoft Windows operating system that has been significantly improved in the latest versions of Windows 10. Through this tool it is possible to enable a very broad basic protection of the system, without having to resort to third-party software.

Windows Defender is configurable in two different ways. Through the graphical interface or through "other ways". The graphical interface allows you to manage only a part of the potential that this software has. The "other ways", on the other hand, allow you to completely manage Windows Defender in all its features. What are these "other ways"? There are mainly two: through the Windows Registry or through Microsoft PowerShell.

An independent developer has made available for free a tool to be able to manage, through a basic graphical interface, even the most hidden settings that are normally managed only through what we have called the "other ways". The use of this tool is recommended only for expert users and system administrators as an incorrect configuration will make it impossible to use the software installed on the system. This software is called "ConfigureDefender" and is available in the GitHub repository at this address.

The following are the minimum configurations of Windows Defender for the BMProduction software to be correctly installed and executed. For an essential guide on the first installation and execution of BMProduction software refer to this page.

Graphical interface of the Operating System

If you use the graphical interface provided by the operating system to configure Windows Defender, even the highest level of security will allow you to install and run BMProduction software.

It will, however, be necessary to give two confirmations. The first to run the downloaded software (Windows Defender SmartScreen warning). The second to run this software downloaded with Administrative rights (User Account Control notice). For a quick guide on this stage, click here.

The first time you run a BMProduction software on a device, the software is identified as coming from an unrecognized author. After installing any BMProduction software, subsequent installations will indicate that the author is recognized.


Using ConfigureDefender

As explained at the beginning, ConfigureDefender is a free software that allows you to configure Windows Defender reaching those settings that would otherwise be accessible only using the Windows Registry or PowerShell. The software also provides a predefined set of configurations, in case you don't know what to choose. The set that can be activated by clicking on "Default" brings Windows Defender back to the default configuration provided by Microsoft at the end of the Windows installation. This setting is very useful if you are wrong to configure something and now you are unable to run software.

With the "Default" setting, as explained in the previous paragraph, it is always possible to install and run BMProduction software.

With the "Max" setting, Windows Defender enables the maximum of possible restrictions. Using this set of settings, BMProduction software cannot be installed and run. In order to unlock the installation and execution of BMProduction software, even after setting the "Max" setting set, the changes indicated below must be made.

These changes do not remove the high protection but make it possible for the user to choose when to run a software anyway through a request that otherwise would not be shown.





Last update: 2020-05-19