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Essential guide for installing and starting the BMProduction software


The most recent Microsoft Windows operating systems introduce an advanced protection system called Windows Defender. This component, by default, enables a series of protections to help the user not to install and not run potentially dangerous software. Like all protections, however, Windows Defender also reports potentially malicious, dangerous or suspicious healthy software. This guide will show the steps to be overcome on two security mechanisms: Windows Defender SmartScreen and Windows User Account Control (UAC).

The scenarios that will now be indicated in this guide are two. When you download and attempt to install a BMProduction product to the device for the first time or when you install or run a BMProduction software after a software has already been previously installed. This second scenario also occurs if the first software was later removed.

For more advanced indications on the configuration of Windows Defender you can refer to this page. This guide does not apply to third-party security software other than Windows Defender or to mechanisms other than Windows User Account Control (UAC).

First installation of BMProduction software

The big difference is that the first time you install (or run) BMProduction software, the device will not recognize the digital signature of the software. The software, therefore, will be indicated as coming from an author: "unknown". If the installation is completed without errors, all subsequent BMProduction software installations (also products other than the current one but BMProduction software anyway) will be indicated as software from a known and verified author, namely: "Marco Billeri", the author BMProduction software.



Next installations of the BMProduction software

After installing BMProduction software for the first time, the device will know the Digital Signature of the original BMProduction software. Consequently, each time you download and install BMProduction software the indications that will be shown on the screen will be slightly different from those shown the first time, because now they will indicate that the author is known and verified and that he is: "Marco Billeri".



Last update: 2020-05-19