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Version 2.3

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- Extremely easy to use, designed for beginner users
- Very few icons that provide access to essential programs
- Centralization of documents created and downloaded files
- Easy shutdown or reboot PC
- Easy user logs off (optional)
- Easy start of Remote Assistance (optional)
- Interface for documents exploration extremely simplified
- Customization of shown commands
- Ability to customize the program to open
- Lets be chosen as the default shell for all users or only for some
- Always allow access to traditional desktop
- Completely Free


How does it work
WinEasyShell implements a simplified system for starting Remote Assistance sessions through TeamViewer. To enable the Remote Assistance button, it is necessary to activate it in the Shell Configuration Panel. Once you press the button, WinEasyShell will download the latest free version of TeamViewer and automatically start the assistance. In this way the user will only have to communicate to the assistance the access data displayed on the screen. The downloaded file is deposited on the user's desktop.

Additional terms
The Remote Assistance functionality through the button could be interrupted by BMProduction at any time and without notice. TeamViewer can be used under specific conditions provided by the manufacturer itself. Use in organizational environments may be subject to specific licensing conditions that differ from use in the private sector. By starting and using the software, the user agrees to use it in accordance with the manufacturer's license terms. TeamViewer is a registered trademark and all rights are reserved to their respective owners.


Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or higher.
To operate, requires the installation of BMProduction Framework 4.0. If it is not installed the setup program will then install it. Check the requirements for the BMProduction Framework 4.0 by clicking here.









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