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BMProduction Framework 3.0

General Information

This Framework, developed by BMProduction, is a set of tools, resources and applications which enhance the potential of modern operating systems.

The presence of this Framework allows at BMProduction applications to already find on the system so many resources that it needs to function.

In this way the applications have drastically size reduced with the advantage of leaving much more free disk space.


Furthermore, this Framework guarantees non redundancy of many resources that are now installed only once for all applications. This also facilitates the update operations and provides at the end user a more clean, updated and efficient system.

This Framework is developed so as to package every resource, that is to make every resource a package in its own right, individually removable and upgradeable. You will find in the Control Panel, in the installed programs, each individual component and you can verify the installation and the version and decide whether and when remove it.

The Framework makes use of modern technology and relies on modern tools such as the Microsoft .NET Framework. For the management of databases the BMProduction Framework makes use of the powerful engine in Microsoft SQL Server in the very compact version Compact Edition. These components have the dual advantage of being powerful tools developed by a company of grits competence as Microsoft and being updated by them.



The end result is a Framework versatile, safety and fully upgradeable. The components developed by BMProduction update thanks to the our update application, while the components developed by Microsoft update with Windows.

The BMProduction Framework provides a platform updated and integrated ideal for running many applications developed also by third parties. Is reliable, fully upgradeable and removable. Born natively compatible with the latest generation of Microsoft Windows operating systems and supports 32 and 64-bit architectures.

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