Press release CS202004
of 19/05/2020

Published area with official documentation


Today BMProduction has made available, on this official website, an area dedicated to collecting the official documentation present on the website. Not all the documentation present is indexed, however over time the index will always show the most useful or most necessary documentation. This section also includes legal documents such as the Terms of Access to Services and the Software License Terms. Ordinarily the documentation of this area will be released in English while the legal conditions in Italian.

The area can be reached from the address:

The download area has also been improved by inserting, after the start of the download, a short visual guide to help the user overcome the obstacles posed by modern software protection mechanisms integrated in Microsoft Windows.

The documentation area also contains guides, basic or more advanced, to assist the user in downloading BMProduction software or for installing and running on the latest Microsoft Windows systems.


Notice: This page is electronically translated from Italian. BMProduction assumes no responsibility for any errors that occurred during translation and / or any problem related to a misunderstanding and / or interpretation of the translated text. Always refer to the original text in Italian. BMProduction is pleased to accept comments or suggestions to improve the translation of the text.