Bulletin BS202005
of 15/05/2020

Fixed a problem on some pages of the site


Today, a problem that affected several pages of the BMProduction site has been resolved. The problem was with the correct display of the Captcha component. The problem occurred with some browsers and not all.
Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers were not affected. Microsoft Edge "Legacy", even though it viewed the component, did not allow access to certain areas. Chromium-based browsers were the ones most affected by the problem.
The problem was solved by ensuring correct access to all areas of the site with all the latest browsers. In order not to decrease the security of the technologies implemented on this site, support for the Microsoft Edge "Legacy" browser pre-installed on Windows 10 has been removed. These users evaluate the adoption of the new version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium or the use of any other recent browser.

Supported browsers:
- Microsoft Edge based on Chromium
- Mozilla Firefox
- Google Chrome
- Opera
- Microsoft Internet Explorer (9.0 or later)


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