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Version 5.0

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- Remove advertising banners
- Remove new products notifications
- Remove promotions notifications
- Speed graphic interface


All editions and languages of the following products:

- AVAST 2020
- AVAST 2019
- AVAST 2018
- AVG 20
- AVG 19
- AVG 18
- AVG 17
- AVG 16
- AVG 2015

- AVIRA 15 (Sperimental)



Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or higher.
To operate, requires the installation of BMProduction Framework 4.0. If it is not installed the setup program will then install it. Check the requirements for the BMProduction Framework 4.0 by clicking here.


Before proceeding with the download and installation of the Product, read the page of Known Issues relative to the BMProduction Framework 4.0.









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